Frank Grate

Frank Grate is the owner and expert engineer for Q.C. Metallurgical Inc. He has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Ohio College of Applied Science as well as a degree in Engineering from the University of Cincinnati. Before Frank joined QC Metallurgical, he was a Spectrographer for the William Powell Company and then later became a Materials Evaluation Engineer for GE. Since joining Q.C. Metallurgical in 1973 he has been practicing as a forensic engineer and expert witness for several categories of clientele. He is a registered metallurgical engineer in the state of Florida and is a member of many societies such as the American Academy of Forensic Sciences, American Welding Society, National Society of Professional Engineers, National Association of Corrosion Engineers and many more.

Frank has testified in Federal and State Courts in many areas including Dade County, Florida; Broward County, Florida; Palm Beach County, Florida; Newark, New Jersey; Alabama, Georgia and other counties throughout the states and has also testified in countries overseas.

Frank is well known in the industry for his reputation of being honest. He enjoys spending time with his grand kids and going to places like Disney World. He is the treasurer for the International Institute of Forensic Engineering Sciences and is also available to speak for Career Day at local schools.

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